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Your needs are unique, and so are my services. Tailored to your specific requirements, I deliver top-quality development services that precisely align with your goals and expectations.

Prototypes & MVPs

I provide development services for rapid prototypes or MVPs. This is the optimal solution if you have an app idea and want to validate it with minimal effort.

Features & Bugfixes

I provide support and development for existing applications, making it the optimal choice if you already have a mobile application but require additional features or bug fixes.

Full Mobile Apps

I provide development for full top-notch mobile applications with the best performance and limitless capabilities. This is the ideal option if you have a validated idea with a discernible market demand.


These are the top technologies that I use to build high performant applications.


With Dart

Flutter stands out as the primary choice for developing small to medium data-driven apps across both iOS and Android platforms.


With Kotlin & Jetpack Compose

I specialize in Android app development using Jetpack Compose for more advanced android apps.


With Javascript

Most of the apps require some sort of custom APIs backend. I am leveraging the power of NodeJs to build such APIs to provide the best support for the clients.


UI/UX Design

My #1 tool that I use to create my projects low-fi and high-fi designs is Figma.


I am a one man show that can bring your app idea to reality in no time.


Android & Flutter Developer

I started this journey of mobile app development in 2015. I consistently prioritize the scalability, maintainability, and testability of the app, adhering to well-known architectural and design patterns. Understanding how users interact with the app is crucial, and I strive to implement the best UI/UX practices by following top design guidelines.


Check out some of my in-house applications that are already published and used by thousands of users.

Daily Log

Daily Log is the perfect app for tracking mood, activities, events, and much more, in order to reach your goals and resolutions.


Focus Rings

Focus Rings is a tool to improve your productivity and focus for deep work. Complete as many rings as possible to achieve your master focus.


Idea Spark

Idea Spark is a simple tool to find and validate different ideas like app or business ideas.


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